Create deeply fulfilling relationships


Stop old habits from ruining your future


Understand each other

move forward

Find direction, peace, and clarity

About Me

My name is Kane Rozell

A relationship coach passionate about helping men put aside toxic relationships so they can create the life that will attract the woman of their dreams. I am a father, friend, brother, uncle, son, nephew, ex-husband, ex-employee, ex-boyfriend, etc. All of these different roles have taught me life experience I’ve combined with an ongoing education of 20+ years in personal development I am honored to help you apply to your own life!

A few things I’m great at

There comes a time in our adult life when we feel we’ve reached an impasse. I’m here to help you break through it by:

smart Questions

I ask the questions you didn’t think to ask, helping you discover your own truth

speak the truth

In life, it can be difficult to find people that will tell the truth, no matter how hard. I’m here for that


I’ve been frustrated, sad, angry, felt helpless, and needed guidance in relationships at different times, just like you!


I don’t know your friends, family, coworkers or others. I I simply state what I see without worrying about other’s opinions


Kane was recommended to me by a very dear friend of mine. He is absolutely amazing at what he does. His passionate, caring and intuitive nature make him one of a kind. I feel very fortunate to be working with him. Kane knows how to break things down in very simple terms no matter what your circumstances are! Whatever you’re going through, Kane can help. I highly recommend him!

Chauntel K.

Kane brings so much authenticity and commitment to his work. Helping people achieve their dreams is a true calling for this man, not a casual pursuit or a path to a quick dollar. I have known him for over a year and during that time I have shared a lot of personal and professional struggles in our conversations. He always listens intently, reflects the root of what I’m experiencing and seeking, and uses his formidable knowledge about human thinking and behavior to illuminate possible paths I could take. In particular he has helped me focus on my vision for the person and professional I want to be, holding that vision with me and letting go of things which do not serve it.

Ben Oyer

Kane is an amazingly intuitive person. Not only does he radiate such professionalism, he also offers information with compassion, and just the right amount of push needed to help you actively and successfully obtain your various goals. Kane is charismatic, powerful and a superb life coach. In the short time I have been working with Kane, I have regained my confidence in my own abilities, and developed the ability to create strategies that are imperative to my reaching my goals. Highly recommend Kane and his services!!

Amanda Heon

I’ve known Kane for years and had the pleasure of working with him recently.  Life coaching is what he’d truly like to do – for the rest of his life.  Helping people is his sole mission.  Some things really stood out to me:  his patient listening ability, how he asked questions for clarity for a complete understanding, and his determination to make people’s lives more meaningful.  I can attest to his willingness to help in times of need and assist everyone he can, because that is exactly what he has always done for me.  It is my absolute pleasure to have met Kane, who has been a true blessing for me all the years I’ve known him!

Isaac Narbonne

I used to have a big problem:  I had great ideas and just could not, for the life of me, get out of my own way to accomplish them.  I would tell myself that maybe if I was just better at being an Adult, I could maybe accomplish something with my life.  Kane did what so many (despite all their hard work) could not do:  he got me to harness the energy I wasted on beating myself and use it towards something I could use to move forward with.  He helped me see what my self-made blinders wouldn’t allow before.  He got me to stop talking about my goals and actually achieve them.  But most importantly, he helped me see and use the tools I need to keep going, even when life around me is less than perfect.  When I started this journey, I was working full-time for a company and not using my skills to their full potential.  Since then, I took the jump into working for myself and doing more of the work that I love!

Juliette Zietkowski

As an artist by religion and trade it is good just to stay rooted with the Rozell at your side…  Here’s to the joys of the past, present, and future of sharing OURglass life mastery!

Charlie Yokela

 I’ve known Kane for many years. I truly have a hard time speaking to others about things that may be bothering me or even anything I may not know about. Kane is one of the very few that I can openly speak to. I also respect his suggestions and points of view that I may have not even thought of on different matters. He has shown patience with me on many occasions and proved to me that he was genuine in his words and actions. Some of the results of our conversations have brought me to better understandings of different scenarios as well as different thought processes going forth in life. Thank you Kane for being who you are and you are definitely in the field you should be!!!

Alexis Zakarian

I was struggling with which way to go before I stated life coaching and now I have a firm grasp on what I’ve always wanted to do with my life.  I have went through Ourglass Life Coaching, used the tools I’ve gained, set forth on the path I want to head in, and the best part is, it is very repeatable!

Will Troche

I have had the honor of working with many coaches from all over the world, and I am grateful to share that Kane is an AMAZING coach! He is gifted with the natural ability to truly listen and hear not only what you are saying, but what you are not, to uncover areas of yourself that need to be transformed in order to truly be happy, successful and free. As a coach myself, I am admittedly not the easiest to guide or teach, yet he has helped me to shift my s*** when I needed it most! He is incredibly intelligent, witty and highly educated. He uses the methods needed to help us get unstuck, be clear on what we want and who we are, and how we are called to serve in this world. Anyone inspired to work with Kane will get RESULTS and have a blast during the journey!

Adrian Rose